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What is iKomment?

iKomment is a free web app that lets you add komments to any image on the web. Think of it as a superfast way to let people know what you think. iKomment allows you to blog-on-the-fly and only save things you really want to save.

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iKomment Tools

iKomment Bookmarklet
1) Drag the button below to your bookmarks bar to keep iKomment always handy:
iKomment this!

2) Go to a web page where the images you want to Komment are, for example this.

3) Click the "iKomment this!" bookmarklet on your boookmark bar and select the image you want to komment.

If you need help adding the bookmarklet check these tutorials.

iKomment Bookmarklet for iPhone
You can find the bookmarklet for iPhone or Droid here.

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Francesco Bertocci
Founder & CKO (Chief Kommenting Officer)
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